100 Dinners for Haiti : 

Food, Friends and FEJ  

We nEED supporters like you to host meals to raise awareness and funds to support OUR work! 

What: A fundraising dinner.  You host an event. You determine the theme/menu.  It can be a formal meal, a low-key BBQ, or just  appetizers - whatever works for you. The goal is to raise awareness about FEJ and to raise funds. You can determine a suggested donation amount that is appropriate for your community/guests.

When: October through December 2017

Where: Your home. (Or feel free to seek out a different venue if you prefer to host a larger event)

Who: Invite your friends, neighbors - anyone you think would like to learn about and support FEJ’s work.  The number of attendees is up to you to determine based on the size of your home/venue.

Why: The purpose is to raise urgently-need funds and spread the word about FEJ’s work.  We suggest that you show your guests the short video on the FEJ website to introduce them to FEJ's work.

Next Steps:

1.       Pick a Date!

2.       Fill out the form below and we will send you more details about hosting your event.

3.       Host your event and collect contributions.

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