Women's Empowerment

Chache Lavi (Seeking Life)

FEJ’s Chache Lavi program aims to promote gender equality and empower women living in the Lamardelle area by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to create and sustain microenterprises. The women learn how to utilize their talents to build small industries and in the process, promote community development and generate economic power and stability.

Each cadre of women is trained by professionals in business operations, management systems, communication and advocacy skills, problem-solving strategies, and financial literacy. They are taught how to manage family finances, obtain and use credit, and start and sustain their own businesses. In the process, they also learn more about women’s rights, nutrition, self-esteem, health, and empowerment.

The Chache Lavi program promotes economic stability and women's empowerment in the Lamardelle area and inspires the same across Haiti. Studies show that women play a vital role in the development of a country, and this program provides the tools to ensure our women are in a position to succeed.

Either from starting a business or learning a new trade, the knowledge and skills each woman gains will be passed onto other women and support sustainable economic development. Through this program, FEJ seeks to:

  • Empower 300 women a year
  • Dramatically improve women’s economic security
  • Increase household income and assets
  • Provide education on financial literacy, healthy nutrition, and family planning
  • Increase women’s civic participation, self-esteem, and empowerment
  • Create a local and international market for women’s production
  • Renovate FEJ’s vocational learning center so women can network and exchange knowledge