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Purchase prints from this collection to support the efforts of Fondation Enfant Jesus to combat childhood malnutrition in Haiti! Read the details below and Click Here to view the collection and purchase a print on canvas.


The "Faces of Freedom Campaign" is a fundraising collaboration between renowned artist Jean-Claude Legagneur and Fondation Enfant Jesus (FEJ). Mr. Legagneur has provided FEJ with exclusive access to sell glicee prints from his powerful collection called “Faces of Freedom". He wants this special collection to benefit the children of Haiti and he has chosen to work with FEJ because of our successful programs to address childhood malnutrition and provide education.  Proceeds from the sales of these prints will be used by FEJ to alleviate child malnutrition in Lamardelle, Haiti.

Through our comprehensive programs that work to ensure pregnant mothers and newborns are sufficiently nourished and by treating children and adults diagnosed with malnutrition, we can reduce the instances of malnutrition in the community. 



More than a decade ago, the vision of "Faces of Freedom" was conceived by renowned Haitian artist Jean-Claude Legagneur and has resulted in a unique collection of portrait paintings. These paintings reflect the inspiration behind the vision through images that capture the profoundest thoughts and emotions tied to the truth behind slavery. The collection gives insights into the common history that flows through the veins of cultures in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe.

Photos of Jean-Claude's recent tour of FEJ's programs in Haiti.

It is a collection that resonates with the human experience, encouraging viewers to consider freedom, past and present, individual or communal, personal or civic. The over-sized paintings capture human expression at its most profound. Each painting moves guests into deep reflection about what has been, where it has led us, and where we should go.



JEAN-CLAUDE LEGAGNEUR was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He began painting at the age of 4 years old with toothpaste and colored paper for color on pieces of his mother’s fabrics. She was a Fashion Designer in Haiti’s capital and specialized in designing wedding dresses. Jean-Claude describes the urge to paint as being in his blood and he would paint on anything he found sometimes without knowing that the ALMIGHTY had chosen him to CREATE.  His surroundings would not understand that he received the message to PAINT.

Exhibits. Throughout the years, his works of art have been displayed in the United States at Boca Raton Museum (group exhibit), Moca Museum North Miami (one man shows), Museum of Detroit (group exhibit), Reynalda House Museum of American Art, Winston Salem, North Carolina (duo); in Latin America at Museum of Maracaibo, Venezuela (group exhibit), Museum Las Casas Reales (one man shows) in the Dominican Republic. His art has also been on display in Europe (Monaco, France, Italy--Biennale of Florence), Asia (South Korea and Japan), Latin America and Caribbean (Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic) and the United States.

Mr. Legagneur has encountered significant personal success and at this pivotal point in his life, his desire is to share it with the most vulnerable. Using his creations to put a smile on a child’s face, provide adequate nutrition and make a difference in their lives is his definition of true success. He sees a real partnership between creating awareness and keeping portraiture alive. He has a deep love of capturing real, spontaneous and candid expression. He could not imagine himself living without inspiring, beautiful, tasteful uplifting art and using that gift to help others. This passion has led him to partner with FEJ and use his artwork to help break the cycle of poverty in Haiti.

Jean-Claude’s mantra is “GIVE BACK AND BE HAPPY!” 

Learn more about his work and life at http://voyagemia.com/interview/art-life-jean-claude-legagneur/


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